Sunday, 16 August 2015

Splitting text in Illusutrator


1- Select your text > go to type > create outlines

2 - Object >  ungroup

3- Click the arrow in layer to reveal the letter compound path

4 - Select the group layer  > paste it above layer 1

5 -  Click layer option > Release to layer (Sequence) 

6 - All your letter have layer  > drag and drop above Layer 1

Coloured paper Life drawing cut - out

5 min

 7 min


1 min cut out

Friday, 7 August 2015

Barrow Way: Ireland long-distance hike.

Monasterevin -Anthy

Athy- Carlow


Carlow - Baganalstown



I decided that for August Bank holiday, I would get out of town and see what Ireland’s inland countryside had to offer. Even though the usual the weather forecast had predicted mainly heavy showers with a few outbreaks of sunshine: The Barrow way seemed like a pretty easy and tranquil weekend excursion.
The Barrow way  or in Irish: SlĂ­ na BearĂș is one of Ireland long distance trail 114 Km or 70 miles. The Walk is along the Canal and not the River (Follow the Yellow walking man)
The idea was be in the countryside, visite counties  and camp in three days : The barrow way :)

Day 1: Luas then Bus to Monasterevins where the walk began:
In Monasterevin find the 25th Lock and Moore’s Bridge (do not confuse Canal and River) head towards Athy ‘s 27th Lock
In Vicars town there is a little cafe called Canal Cafe
Camp 2 miles before Athy’s.
Day 2 : Athy to Carlow
In Athy, find the 28th lock which is after Super value, then Horse bridge   which is next to the Athy’s Church of Ireland
Either  Camp near   Bestfield Lock before entering Calow’s town or 2km after Carlow near Milford Lock.
Day 3: Carlow to Bagenalstown
In Bagenalstown  catch a train  back to Dublin Heuston

Monday, 15 June 2015

Wreck this Journal

I was given this sketchbook journal called : Wreck this journal.

It's supposed to encourage your creative skills however I find it to difficult to remain committed to  all the rules laid down,

as my sketchbook’s starting point in life begins  by being dumped into my rucksack and   inevitably ends up being abused by  packed lunches, flask tea spillages , weather attacks, drawing, painting , tearing  and polishing  the life out of it.

Pole Dancing sketches


Last weekend, I attended a session of the  Free Pole Fitness Taster Class at Fierce Pole Fitness in Dublin.

As I had arrived early, Sarah (the Owner)  kindly let me in to watch the girls practise their breathtaking  routines for a competition which will be coming up this September 2015.

During the  flexibility session, the difficulty was capturing the essence of movement and  the dynamic of of each pose the body takes on counterpointed by the rigidity of the pole as they  become united as one.

Drawing the session was great  fun,   however  the next day my abs suffered the consequences of being hunched up for  far too long in front of the unyielding rigidity  of the almighty computer screen.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Fluidity and Flexibility

I contacted Valentina a dancer in Dublin on Wednesday 27th of May 2015 and asked her whether I could join her balance and fluidity class, but as an artist, she responded positively 
The hardest part in this method of drawing was  capturing  the fleeting constant flow and shifting of the body's centre of gravity into a unique, powerful and minimal line drawings. However, after two hours  of constant drawing I could feel my mind loosening up and sense of progression in my work. 

Here is  the link to the workshop Valentina is doing in Dublin :)
Balance, Fluidity and Flexibility trainingBalance, Fluidity and Flexibility training

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