Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Venice- October 2016


 Great Restaurant : Spaghetteria 6342 A le Tole:

10 weeks travel around Europe: Greece

6 Days in Greece 

Though really tough it is yet do-able... so here's the Itinerary

Spend 2 days in Athens

Day 1- wake up at 7 am ( so you can beat the summer heat ... cause it's already 17C

Temple of Zeus  and Olympic Park 
Acropolis  and temple of Athena
Plaka Town center is right besides the Acropolis: on Sundays there's the Flea Market
Syntagma Square  in order to see the change of Gards
Head up Mt Lycabettus
Wonder around Monastiraki neighborhood.

Monastiraki Source:
Monastiraki Source:
Monastiraki Source:
Day 2 
Acropolis Museum
 Kerameikos Cemetrary
Central Market: do you shopping.
The National Archaeological Museum

If you have decided to head for Mt Meteora, you'll need to purchase your ticket at the Bus terminal B  ( 40 euro for an open return ticket)

1 Day Mt Meteora

Athens - Trikala - Mt Meteora.
 How to get there by bus ... quiet easy and seems reliable.

All the monasteries open different days so double check whether the one you want is open.




2 days on Aegina ( Greek Island)

You can purchase a return ticket for 17 euros and the island is only 1h30 from Athens' port . In addition to this , the island is the number one producer of pistachios.

Day 6 ferry back to Athens... and catch the  Express  bus X96 to the airport right beside Athens' port 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Centaur FB Chanllange

First ever post  submitted for Character Design Challenge on facebook :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

10 weeks around Europe: Park national des cevennes



Spending the last few days around the neighborhood, and going round to rediscover those little gems that made your childhood filled with fantastic adventures is always welcomed.


( yes I do have a picture... and did....  but was told there is a 160 euro fine ...  by my fire-brigade acquaintance on the last day of our road trip) 

3 days in the cevennes:

Day 1 Avignon - Moissac-Vallée-Française: over night camping
Day 2- Moissac-Vallée-Française - Le vigne ( stopped at Sainte-Enimie, and went kayaking les gorges du Tarn)
Day 3 Lea Vigne - Mont Aigoual- Moissac-Vallée-Française: ( Our 3 hour hike went up to 7 hours cause we got lost ..... make sure you bring at least 3 L water ... you never know )
Day 4 Moissac-Vallée-Française - Nimes  ( Morning Swim and visit of Anduze)